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Hi I'm Ancient Apparition, you can find me over at my home wiki, the English Wikipedia, under the same user name. I hold the Unified login for this account name so if you stumble across an "Ancient Apprition" on another Wikimedia project you can safely assume that it's me (my account is unified on all 798 project sites). I'm a Reviewer, Rollbacker, Account creator and File mover at the English Wikipedia and a Rollbacker here on the Simple English Wikipedia.

My work here is primarily to simplify articles that may be too jargonic, make sure articles aren't comprised of gibberish or incomprehensible characters and so forth. I'm not going to bother maintaining as fancy a user page as I do on the English Wikipedia since I've learnt from my first experience that it's just not worth the stress. Though if you've got nothing better to do by all means wow me.

I created a simplified and stub version of the Edwin Hubble article here, I nominated a hook on Spiral galaxies that made it to the name page (with alterations), I'd be more than willing to go through WP:PGA and WP:PVGA nominations if you request so. More information about me may be found at the English Wikipedia so I suppose that I could do you the courtesy of linking to my user page there. This is the link to my English Wikipedia user page. Click it.

That's all from me now, I suppose I'll get back to work.