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Welcome[change | change source]

This is a quick-access list of all the scripts that I have added to this wiki. It is updated periodically, so add the following lines to your monobook.js to have added gizmos to your Wikipedia experience.

Administrators should remove the lines marked (na), as they are emulators of admin tools.



var megaversion = "2.5"                                         // megabook.js V2.5 begins
importScript('User:Microchip08/welcomer.js');                  // turns empty talk pages pink; when clicked preloads welcome template
importScript('User:Microchip08/megacheck.js');                // checks to see if you have the current version
importScript('User:Microchip08/pgarequirements.js');         // adds links to usability & references wizards to toolbox
importScript('User:Microchip08/talkpageplus.js');           // changes redlink discussion tabs to + icons
importScript('User:Microchip08/usernamehighlight.js');     // highlights your username on pages
importScript('User:Microchip08/talkblinker.js');          // removes orange new messages banner and blinks "my talk" link instead
importScript('User:Microchip08/viewsource.js');          // view source tab
importScript('User:Microchip08/switcher.js');           // switcher link
importScript('User:Microchip08/cssimport.js');         // adds a gradient to talk pages to make boundaries stand out
importScript('User:Microchip08/histcomb.js');         // tidy history pages (slows down history pages slightly)
importScript('User:Microchip08/uberdiff.js');        // BETA: improve diff pages :)
importScript('User:Microchip08/stubbifyme.js');     // BETA: Quickly add stubs to articles
importScript('User:Microchip08/preview.js');       // Add quick preview buttons
importScript('User:Microchip08/pseudodeleter.js');// Adds a "qd" tab for quick deletions (na)

importScript('User:Microchip08/finderfox.js');   // Adds snazzy icons when you select text (DISABLE IN VECTOR)
                                                // [[User:Microchip08/megabook.js]] (ends)

After you have added the above line, purge your cache, normally by pressing CTRL and F5 at the same time. If you do it correctly, a little magic wand (should) appear in the corner of the screen. When that appears, all is done: your new javascript and css are working as required :D Uninstalling the script is easy: just get rid of those lines in your monobook.js and purge your cache again. Bien!

Updating[change | change source]

As long as you have megacheck.js installed, there should be a Icons-mini-icon wand.gif in the corner of the screen. When an update is ready, you should see it replaced with a Icons-mini-icon alert.gif. When this happens, you should navigate to this page, and copy-and-paste the code again.

Remember to make sure that the megaversion is updated to the current one, or you will still have the Icons-mini-icon alert.gif icon.
Note to megabook maintainers: User:Microchip08/megacheck.js contains the current version number.

Quick install[change | change source]

Features[change | change source]

Added in 1.0[change | change source]

  • Links to empty talk pages on Recent Changes turn pink and will automagically add the {{welcome}} template
  • The toolbox on the sidebar boasts new links to various Toolserver tools
  • Discussion tabs that are empty are changed to "+" and will automatically add a new section when saved
  • The orange "new messages" banner is replaced by a flashing "my talk" link in your personal toolbar (the one at the very top)
  • A "view source" link is added to the left of the edit tab in case you don't want to accidentally save
  • A status switcher link for your toolbox, which will update Special:Mypage/status: just include <tt>{{/status/}}</tt> on your userpage to include it.

Added in 2.0[change | change source]

  • The update icon system has been put in place. (Users using 1.0 will no longer see the magic wand symbol)
  • PseudoDeleter: adds to pages to allow for quick {{qd}} tagging. (na)
  • Histcomb: Tidies up history pages massively.
    • Supports optional variables; see here for documentation.

Please add the following text to any copy and paste you do, so I can track uses :)

   // [[User:Microchip08/megabook.js]]

Thank you!

Added in 2.5[change | change source]

  • AjaxPreview now allows fast previews on pages. It creates new buttons: Press Show preview for the new, faster, reload-bypassing version (then scroll up), or press > to preview the normal way (same with Show Changes).

Users[change | change source]

Thank-you to everyone who is using megabook! See it in action:

Known Bugs[change | change source]

  • The Diff previewer has no close button: I've contacted the author on enwiki for advice. If you want to remove it, add a // before the line to disable it from working.
  • It should work in all modern browsers; take this opportunity to get FireFox.

Suggestions and Feedback[change | change source]

If you like monobook, have suggestions or feedback, or absolutely hate it, I want to know! Recon and report!

With thanks to Splarka, Alex Smotrov, Dr pda, Alphax, and ais123.