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I are born at 1960, Madrid, Spain. I have studied Biology, title of Insurance broker ( 10 yearks working at Insurance), and are professional programmer in Visual FoxPro (another 10 years). My first hobby are Old home computers & Video game consoles (my nick at all sites i are active is museo8bits and make reference to my website, El Museo de los 8 Bits ), and are one of first collectors of Spain (over 100 computers & consoles and more of 3000 original software units). I "sputting english" due all first software for the Sinclair Spectrum (my first computer) are in english. I participe at events as MadriSX&Retro or RetroEuskal, I are vendor at most online auctions sites with the same nick, and founder of iSubastas and AUSO.

I are at the Web / BBS from 1200 bauds modems, I are ex-poin at FidoNet and cosysop at many BBS prev to jump to Internet. After hosting my website at many free hosting sites as Geocities, with a ADSL with fix IP, I make my server over Linux at 2000. I have make my website with PHP, Perl y MySQL