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I enjoy math, science, and computer coding. Sometimes I'm not around due to work. Currently I mainly edit on Wikipedia.

I help with...

As many things as I can. You need help? If I can help you, I will do my best to (go ahead and ping me). I currently try to go through for vandalism in recent edits, and also look through new pages (though I'm not a full-fledged new page reviewer). I also edit all the time to try to improve articles (especially to fix spelling and grammar). I've created a few articles, and I enjoy adding content to wikipedia.

Stuff I'm Proud Of

These may not look very good to you (::pulls newbie card::) but I'm rather proud of them myself =)

Wrote (Wikipedia)

Wrote/Writing (Wikibooks)

Significant Edits (Wikipedia)

  • Natalia Ghilascu - saved from AfD =D note to self: someone duplicated sources; go back and fix