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About[change | change source]

This page is about the person who works on lots of pages on Simple English Wikipedia. He's called Nerdwiththehat.

He doesn't work on pages very much, mostly making pages not bad from people making them bad of their own free will, making sure that people are seeing all sides of problems, or making small pages better. He's not a very big or crazy person. He wants to put some boxes on his page, but he doesn't know how. He might try.

Making changes to pages without a reason to change them that you have in real life is bad. Always have your reason with you, and say it when you change pages. Please say the reason for everything. [1]

Nerdwiththehat likes simple English! He made this page using a page that Randall Munroe made on the computer that tells you when you're not being simple enough, and he thinks you should use it to check if you're being simple enough.

Pages On Computers[change | change source]

If you want to know more about Nerdwiththehat, he has a page on the page place that sounds like a bird here. He also has a page about him here.

  1. When changing things on Simple English Wikipedia, try to follow the Five Stone Tall Things of Wikipedia (in this case, the green one). Don't forget, though, there are no things that people tell you you have to do on Wikipedia.