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Hey there!

So you want to get in contact with me? Which method would be easiest for you?

Talk Page[change | change source]

Click here to leave a message on my talk page.

The talk page is great if you want to leave me a message and do not need a response urgently. I will answer your message on my talk page and {{ping}} you in the response. However, if I answered a question on your talk page, I will answer you there again.

Internet Relay Chat[change | change source]

#wikipedia-simple connect

IRC has been around a long time and I've been on one or more servers since it became popular. Wikipedia has several channels on the Libera IRC Servers ( for our community.

This is the fastest way to reach me. I'm always online (unless there is a server issue) and will answer quickly 90% of the time. I do sleep occasionally so if I do not answer, feel free to reach out to anyone in that channel for assistance.

Email[change | change source]

Email Operator873

I am selective about who I respond to via email. However, if you send me an email, I will read it and respond to you on your talk page if a response is necessary. I may respond to you via email if your question or report needs to be kept confidential.