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Check out my userboxes! ...Or else.

Desktop computer clipart - Yellow theme.svgThis user has a computer. (Duh!)
C|netThis user likes to watch Cnet TV.
Vekomaboomerang.jpgThis user likes to play Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.
NoneThis user has blinked 16,456,678,372 times... This user has now blinked 16,456,678,373 times... This user has now blinked... I've lost count!
NoneThis user likes to see that "You have new messages" message. Hey, I rhymed! Sorta.
Firefox rules!This user uses Firefox.
Say no to crime!This user is a crime fighter! (I wish.)
NoneDon't move a muscle! This user's got a hair dryer.
NoneThis user will have sushi for dinner tonight.
NoneNo wait, this user has changed his/her mind. This user will have chicken for dinner tonight instead.
NoneThis user is a Japanophile.
Alien head.jpgThis user is not from Earth, but from Mars. Yes, this user is an alien!
Wikipedia-logo.pngWith 1,848,779 articles, no wonder they didn't make Wikipedia into a book.
:(This user wishes there were more themes on Wikipedia.
MonobookIf there were more themes, this would like the layout to be the same as the Monobook theme.
va-1This user's user page was vandalised one times, which is one time too many.
va-1This user's talk page was vandalised one time, which is one time too many.
NoneThis user dreads the day Wikipedia will come to an end.
200+This user made over 200 mainspace edits to Wikipedia.
NoneRight now, there are 175,489 articles on the Simple English Wikipedia.
NoneThis user is a parrot! This why he/she came to Simple English Wikipedia!
None"We mak teh internet not suxxorz."
Sorry!This user does not understand why foreigners need to be apologizing for their bad English.
ENDThis user has no more userboxes.
enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
Rough translation of gib-0 userbox: "This user does not understand Gibberish (or understands it with considerable difficulty)"
This user is learning Japanese.
This user is considering learning Toki Pona.
This user is considering learning Korean.

Konnichiwa! (That's Japanese for "Hello.") Welcome to my user page!

Here is my Talk page.

Here are my changes.

And here is my sandbox.

Note: Read below before editing my userpage.

You may fix any typos, spelling mistakes, etc., I may have made on my userpage. You can copy a part of my userpage too. Just be sure to give me credit. If you want to edit my userpage for any other purpose besides fixing a spelling mistake or reverting vandalism, you should get my permission first, although I think I would usually say no. One more thing, my userpage is semi-protected, which means unregistered and newly registered users cannot edit my userpage. This is to prevent vandalism.

Articles I've made

Blender (program)

Elephants Dream

Alex (parrot)

Satoru Iwata




Soul music

Shikoku (dog)

Toki Pona