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This is an ant, but not a pedant

Pedant[change | change source]

Hello. My username on the simple Wikipedia is Pedant. I use the same name on all the wikimedia projects. If you would like to ask me a question or tell me something, leave me a message by clicking this link

About my name[change | change source]

"Pedant" does not mean any kind of ant. A "pedant" is a person who thinks that even very small details are important. The word "pedant" comes from a much older word that means "someone that teaches", so pedant can mean "teacher" too.

What the dictionary says about "pedant"[change | change source]

This picture has nothing to do with me, but I have always liked it.

Pedantic is a word used to describe the way a pedant is or the way that a pedant behaves. It can also describe things that are done in the same way that a pedant would do that thing. It means "one who makes a show of teaching."

The English language Wiktionary is at [1]. The "Wiktionary" is an online dictionary. (A dictionary is a "book or list of words" and tells what words mean.) The Wiktionary says that a pedant is "a person who is overly concerned with formal rules and trivial points of learning."

Synonym[change | change source]

The Wiktionary says that the word "pedantic" is a synonym for "fussy". A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word, or, it can mean a word that has a meaning that is almost the same.

Adjective[change | change source]

The Wiktionary says that "fussy" is an adjective that relates to the word 'fuss'. An adjective is a word that describes another word. (So a pedant can also be called a "fussy person" or a "person that is fussy".)

Noun and Verb[change | change source]

The Wiktionary also says that fuss is both a noun and a verb. Some English words have more than one meaning or are used in more than one way.

Noun[change | change source]

A noun describes a thing, or person or place. As a noun, a fuss is "too much activity or chatting about something".

Verb[change | change source]

As a verb, "fuss means to be very worried or excited about something".

Albert Einstein was smarter than me, but he never heard of Wikipedia.

What Albert Einstein says[change | change source]

Albert Einstein said that "God is in the details". Most people don't say that he was fussy. I copied Albert Einstein's words onto my page because I like some of the things he said.

What I say[change | change source]

Maybe I have picked a good word for my user name, because I like to teach and I like to say things that are really true and not just almost true -- I am not sure if I am 'fussy', but I am very excited about Wikipedia.