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I am an Australian teacher. I edit the Full English Wikipedia a lot, and I sometimes help edit this Wikipedia too.

Perey's opinions on what Simple English articles should be[change | change source]

(Parts which may be unsimple are in italics.)

  • We write in Simple English. We do not write for simple people. (Don't condescend. Perfectly intelligent people who speak a language other than English use this, too.)
  • Unsimple words are good if they are defined. This helps people get better with English. (And if it has an article, that's a good enough definition. Just don't make it too dense; one unsimple word defined or wikilinked in a sentence seems right to me.)
  • Articles should have details. It is not easy to explain things in Simple English, but we can do it if we try hard. (At some point I'm going to revisit the January 1 article and argue against the removal of a ton of detail, pulled for being "unsimple". I did my best to keep as much as possible from the normal English Wikipedia. I thought it came out in pretty straightforward language, all except for a couple of wikilinked words — see the previous two points. I mean what's so unsimple about "The Montgolfier brothers fly across the English Channel"?)