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Hi, I am Pmlineditor (t · c · l) , an administrator and bureaucrat here. I have been an active editor in this wiki since May 2009. I work in writing and improving articles, as well as in anti-vandalism work and general cleanup (blocking vandals/deleting pages etc.). I have written or significantly contributed to several good and very good articles, and have successfully nominated over 50 Did you know hooks. Apart from that, I have helped in expanding stubs and reviewing nominations for good and very good articles.

I've been an administrator here for over four years, though I temporarily gave up the rights for some months at one point when I decided to take time off this wiki. I'm quite active as an administrator, particularly in blocking vandals and deleting pages (both through quick deletion and requests for deletion).

I have an alternate account named Pmlineditor (alt), to use when I don't have access to my regular internet connection.

Before coming to this wiki, I used to be active on the English Wikipedia, where I am semi-active at the moment. Currently, apart from this wiki, I am active on Simple Wiktionary, Meta-Wiki, and some other wikis. I am also an admin in the English Wikiquote, Meta-Wiki and Simple English Wiktionary. I am active in crosswiki anti-vandalism and am currently a global rollbacker, global sysop and also a global renamer to help in renaming user accounts.

If you need help with anything here or have something to say about my edits, you can use my talk page.

Please do not use my talk page here for anything related to other wikis. If I am active in that wiki, use my talk page there; otherwise, use my Meta-Wiki talk page.




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