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A field of 'Princes Irenes'

Hello dear whoever you may be, nice to meet you, and welcome to Simple English Wikipedia! I'm Belinda, a rollbacker and editor here. I happened to join this dear project in 2, December 2009, and since then have made over 4,000 edits and 100 pages, and promoted Bald Eagle, Mourning Dove and Knut (polar bear) to Good Articles. For some reason (even I'm not sure why), I've taken a liking to creating articles about birds, so that's what I do usually. Although I was born in America, I am a happy South Korean, and can speak both languages fairly well. I hope to help spread knowledge and wikilove here! If you do feel tired or in need of a refreshment, just drop me a message and I'll deliver some of my Hot Chocolate or roses! Clementina (talk · contribs) is my sister, who used to be an administrator here, but sadly she retired. Anyway, if you want to contact me, you can come to my talk page, or e-mail me by clicking on the toolbox on the left side of this page. Also, when you have time, please read my essay. God bless you all! Belle tête-à-tête