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Deleted or challenged by Auntof6[change | change source]

Auntof6 and her fervent deletion[change | change source]

  • The problem is that you have to read the mind of Auntof6 if you want to write an article, since she has the ability to delete what she does not like, and no oversight to stop her. She does not tag articles for improvement, she does not seek the opinion of others, she does not notify you of deletion. When you write the article you have to think how will this article please Auntof6. There are too few people here to give proper oversight so it has become a fiefdom. It doesn't matter if you article is already in 10 other wikis. Auntof6 is not looking for WP:Notability which is defined by the objective references, she is looking for something extraordinary that catches her attention, something subjective and hard to define.
  • I need access to the thesaurus of magic words that Auntof6 uses to decide what she finds notable. She appears to have a vision that only superlative people belong in the Simple English Wikipedia. They have to be the fastest, or slowest, have written the longest book, or sold the most books. That is the Guinness Book of World Records. This is not a "personal attack" nor am I "casting aspersions on [you]", it is an accurate description of your behavior here.