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Hello there! I'm known as Lexy or something like that. If you have questions, just ask me here, User Talk:Salixa. I will try to help you as soon as I can. I do mostly horse pages and will have a list of all I have done.

Articles I am making[change | change source]


Articles I want to make[change | change source]

  1. Horse Training
  2. Quarter Horse

Users[change | change source]

These are users that I will probably want to refer back to. Feel free to talk to some of them. Also, users that I have listed, go ahead and edit my comments about you if you like.

  1. User:Eptalon
  1. User:Gwib
  1. User:Yotcmdr
  1. User:Griffinofwales
  1. User:Bluegoblin7
  1. User:M7

Specific Notes[change | change source]

  1. User:Shappy/GA Cup Great Article Cup. I have entered in it and this is where I keep track of it.
  2. WP:MOS Read through it all. I might learn something.

Codes[change | change source]

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