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    Arms of the Austria-Este.

    The House of Austria-Este is a branch descending from the Habsburgs of Austria having created links with the House of Este following the 1771 marriage of Maria Beatrice d'Este of Modena and Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. Due to Ferdinand having the rank of an Archduke of Austria the children born to the couple (as well as any further descendants) were also given the rank of archduke or archduchess. Archduke Ferdinand was a son of Empress Maria Theresa. The House of Este were the monarchs of Modena but lost the land in 1868 due to the creation of the Kingdom of Italy.

    Pretender[change | change source]

    Due to Modena no longer being an independent monarchy the Modense ducal throne is today claimed by Prince Lorenz of Belgium as such he is known as the Archduke of Austria-Este. Lorenz married a Belgian princess in 1984 and was created a Belgian prince too.