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Hello, I am SithJarJar666. I will be editing here for at least the next six months, since I am blocked on the English Wikipedia.

How did I get blocked?[change | change source]

Long, long, long story. I may tell you if you ask nicely, though.

What do I do on here?[change | change source]

Mostly maintenance stuff-adding categories, converting “external links” to “other websites”, et cetera. Sometimes, If I am interested in a topic, I will copy-paste its article from en.wp and then simplify it...

How simple.wp compares to en.wp[change | change source]

It’s a lot smaller. There’s no Guild of Copy Editors (and the equivalent hasn’t been touched in six years) and no Counter-Vandalism Unit, which admittedly makes sense since according to my filters, this wikipedia only gets vandalized once an hour. Also, many of the templates I relied on in en.wp simply don’t exist. I think I’ll get used to it eventually... but not until six months in, when I could appeal my block and potentially get back in enwiki.

My userbox[change | change source]

I created a userbox for users who edit (sorry, change) both the English Wikipedia and the Simple English Wikipedia. To put in on your userpage, simply copy-paste this code: {{User enwp and simplewp}}, which generates this:

Wikipedia.pngThis user changes both the English Wikipedia and the Simple English Wikipedia.

Prosesize script[change | change source]

I copy-pasted an old revision of en:User:Dr pda/prosesize.js to here. It works on here!! Could be very helpful for DYK... to install the script, put importScript('User:SithJarJar666/prosesize.js'); on your common.js file.

Articles I created or expanded[change | change source]