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Sockpuppet of TerryfaeScotland.

Hi Everyone! I've been away for a while as I've been doing my prelim exams at school but I'm back now, ready to do some editing. If you want to know my prelim results, go to User:Terryblack#Exam results.

About Me[change | change source]

My name is Terry Black. I come from a small market town in Scotland called Lanark. I am really interested in Anatomy (the human body) and Astronomy (space). I wanted to be a doctor last year, but now after doing a week of work experience in the schools computing department I now want to be a computing teacher.

Other subjects I'm interested in are classical history (especially ancient China and Egypt), nuclear physics (don't ask why - I just find it really interesting and the science behind nuclear power and nuclear bombs is amazing) and zoology (I really like animals).

Articles on Wikipedia[change | change source]

Here are some subjects I want to write about over the next couple of months. I'll add specific article titles to the list as I move onto a new topic.

Once I've done all these topics, which should keep me busy for about 3 months, I'll add some more. Unfortunately, I have more exams in May (the big ones this time), so I won't be on much from about early April.

School[change | change source]

I go to a comprehensive secondary school called Lanark Grammar. The school is currently quite rubbish but it's been knocked down and a new one's being built. And no, that doesn't mean we don't have to go to school, as some people have asked me. We are being taught in "modular accommodation" (i.e. portakabins) until the new schools built.

Exam results[change | change source]

Prelim Results[change | change source]

Subject Element Grade
Biology KU 2
PS 1
Chemistry KU 1
PS 1
Classical Studies KU 1
EV 1
Computing Studies KU 1
PS 1
English Reading 1
Speaking 2
Writing 3
German Listening 2
Reading 1
Mathematics KU 1
RE 2
Physics KU 2
PS 2