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Hi, my name is Terry. I live in Scotland and I'm 14 (15 in June).

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Pages I have created:[change | change source]





Pages I intend on creating[change | change source]

Just follow this link.

Friends[change | change source]

  1. Razorflame
  2. Runningblader-- i'm wanting to be your friend :)

Templates[change | change source]

If you want a template created please let me know. Here are the templates I have already created; Click here

Signatures[change | change source]

See a list of my previous and current signatures here

Edit Goals[change | change source]

  • 1000 edits
  • 2500 edits
  • 5000 edits
  • 10000 edits
  • 20000 edits
  • 40000 edits
  • 75000 edits
  • 100000 edits