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I am Theodolyte.

About Me[change | change source]

  • I live along he shores of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. I run my own business land surveying and and doing title research. I also teach a course on Real Property Law at a local College during the winter semester.
  • I love hiking and mountain climbing and spending the occasional weekend guiding in our coastal trail system. I also try to do an hour or two each week volunteering at a local charity.
  • Because I have 4 small children and live in a part of my community where English is not the primary language, I can identify with Simple English Wikipedia's aim to educate young people as well as be an informative project for those who are trying to learn English.

Articles I have started[change | change source]

What next?[change | change source]

I find biographies are easiest as there is a lot of source material to draw from. Making a well written article and keeping it "simple" without feeling like I am "dumbing down" the prose too much is very challenging. I suspect it will be a very long time before I get it right. But I will continue trying until I do.

To-do list[change | change source]

I don't like creating an bio article and adding wiki-linked examples of notable associates to the new subject only to find out that I've created a red link. I know red links are useful in a growing encyclopedia project. But I feel like I am leaving unfinished business. So if I create a red link to a notable subject and haven't got the time to properly fill that link in blue, I will note it here for future reference. And if I leave it too long feel free to remind me.