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My favourite city in the world, Milan.

Hello! I am user:Theologiae, and I am principally an editor on English Wikipedia. I do, however, from time to time, make edits on other-language Wikipedias, including the Italian and French versions. Being a fluent English speaker, Simple English Wikipedia is probably my second in terms of editing. I am a strong enthusiast of the Wikipedia project in general, that of contributing to knowledge, and my hope is to be able to help build such a source with other editors as much as possible.

My main interests include the arts, culture, history, music, fashion, cuisine, philosophy, literature, cities, travel, and general knowledge on various European countries. I also am occasionally intrigued by various aspects of politics and economics. I am a keen traveller, and I love discovering about the cultures and lifestyles of different countries and cities in the world. I adore art, literature, fashion and music (especially when you get artists who are able to combine all such things together). My main aim on all the different language Wikipedias I contribute to is expanding and/or improving the material on all these aspects as much as possible.