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I have been writing for the English Wikipedia for several years, and am now writing for Simple Wikipedia, too. I also send some pictures to WikiCommons, and once in a while work on Wikipedias that use other languages, French, German, and Bislama. I am Tim Ross at all of these places. Things I know best, and write about most, are plants and animals, rocks, and places in Florida, U.S.A.

Articles I've started in the Simple English Wikipedia:

Asparagus, Atoll, Bagpipes, Beryl, Bislama, Cinnabar, Coleoidea, Deval Patrick, Florida State University, George I of Great Britain, Governor of Florida, Houten (Netherlands), Hybrid, Istituto Nazionale di Statistica, James S. Sherman, Labradorite, Limnology, Malacology, Moa, Nihon Shoki, Otogizōshi, Protectorate, Rattlesnake, St. Augustine (Florida), Tammy Wynette, Zircon