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George Bettinger[change | change source]

... (Born June 22, 1962) Actor and Comedian 1981-Present George Bettingeris an American Actor and Comedian. Known For his impeccable impressions, George "Lives to make people happy." He Has Been in involved in Show Business in one form or another since 1981. When asked what made him decide to be an Entertainer, George laughingly responded "I Couldn't do anything else." [1] George was mentored and guided by many well-known entertainers. His first television appearance was on the Uncle Floyd Show, followed by appearances on the Joe Franklin Show, Joey Adams Radio Show and others. In 1982, he began writing, producing and hosting his own television show, “Movie Magic,” which aired from 1982 to 1987. After his show ended, he turned to his uncanny ability at impersonation and his talent for creating lovable comedic characters. He began doing radio and television commercials and even became known as the voice of the Red M&M. Currently, Bettinger teaches acting classes for seniors and finds coaching seniors especially rewarding due to the many experiences they can draw from in creating their characters. He has also drawn on his experience and talent to Create the Mom&Pop Shop, a comedy/Variety show, which can be heard Dream Stream Radio Many Well Known celebrities both real and impersonated stop by the shop to say hi to "Soupy" George (As he's known by because of his friendship with Soupy Sales) and chat with George's many fans - known as "the Soupsters" on Facebook. George Bettinger is continuing the traditions of the legends he idolized and learned from, while moving them into to the present using new technology.

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