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Welcome to Wikiproject Tamil Nadu. This Wikiproject Tamil Nadu is to create new articles related to Tamil Nadu state in India. This wikiproject is created to give importance to the topics related to Tamilians and Tamil Civilisation.

Goals to Achieve[change | change source]

  • To create new articles related to Tamil Nadu
  • Expand articles related to Tamil Nadu
  • Create articles about every towns and villages in Tamil Nadu
  • Add information and photos in existing articles related to Tamil and Tamil Nadu.

Articles needed to be expanded[change | change source]

Important Articles[change | change source]

Territories[change | change source]

Dynasties[change | change source]

Famous People[change | change source]

Rivers[change | change source]

To be created[change | change source]

Some articles needed to be created:

Project Participants[change | change source]

Wikiproject Tamil Nadu Templates[change | change source]

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Use the Template {{User:Wiki tamil 100/WikiProject Tamil Nadu userbox}}