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AAAAAAAAAA haha that is funny now let's see some signs...Hello welcome let's play okay let's see look someone gave us a message let's check it out... Hello, welcome to Simple Wikipedia I hope you enjoy editing here.--Yip-yip as we Yip to victorylook at the mess I made!Wow that is very nice what will we say #1.edit Wikipedia? not interested what's Wikipedia? #2.thanks for the friendly welcome I hope you enjoy Wikipedia too! if you chose #2...great job! you get a trophy!🏆 okay let's check the earth article.

Earth is. Wow, who did that! let's check the page history... -234BytsUser: UtisLer TammVChanged Earth (Reverting last edits from User:SnackSlip Undo Thank Soon... +34BytsUser: GalaGala Changed Earth (Reverting edits that were made by UtisLer TammV because of almost blanking the page.) Undo Thank Okay let's see what now...