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The Crown of Spain (1516 - Present) is a series of titles and honors given to the reigning monarch of Spain. The Spanish empire at its height was very powerful, in fact it was one of the most powerful Empires. The Kingdom of Spain used to be the Crown of Castile, and the Crown of Aragon. But both kingdoms united when Isabella I married Ferdinand II of Aragon bring together both crowns to there daughter Joanna of Castile. The Spanish empire for a couple decades was united with the Hapsburg empire. The Spanish empire soon declined after a couple decades.

Kingdoms[change source]

Principalities[change source]

Archduchies[change source]

Duchies[change source]

Counties[change source]

Lordships[change source]

Other Titles[change source]

Honors[change source]

Titles of the Heir apparent[change source]

Honors of the Heir Apparent[change source]

  • Knight of the Celebrated Order of the Golden Fleece
  • Knight of the Collar of the Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles III
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo
  • Commandeur-Major of Castile of the Order of Santiago
  • Knight of the Order of Alcántara
  • Knight of the Order of Calatrava
  • Knight of the Order of Montesa