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BozMo has mainly done stuff on the main encyclopedia mainly in producing the 2006 Wikipedia CD Selection. He is looking at simple and pondering deriving a schools version of some sort here.

My real name is Andrew Cates and I am a mathematician/ theologian who works for the children's charity which produces the Schools Wikipedia and through which many people sponsor children. I have quite a few websites and other charity sites. The schools wikipedia is a major part of my time at present.

At Meta I use my real name meta:User:AndrewCates(talk) Main Page

I was made an admin on en a while back. However still most of what I do is the static versions for SOS Children. I was wondering about mixing some content with the simple wiki since at present many articles are too complicated for children but there isn't enough depth here yet. We are a bit torn by the fact in the first world the Schools Wikipedia is used by younger children because it is child safe whereas in the developing world it is used by everybody because there is no decent internet connection.