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Text[change source]


You have written many texts about Pakistan. Most of the texts about Pakistan we have here have been written by you. We are the other editors of this Wikipedia (an editor is a person who writes a text). We want to thank you for what you have done.

We have also found out that you sometimes have problems understanding English. This is because you are learning English at the moment. With your parents or with those people who care for you, you speak another language, which is not English. I also speak another language which is not English with my parents at home. It is normal that when you learn a language that you make mistakes. You learn when you make a mistake and you see that you have just made a mistake. We want to tell you that that you do not need to be afraid of making mistakes (you do not need to have fear).

Most of the time, we call the texts we write for Wikipedia articles. You have probably seen that in this project, one person starts an article, and other persons (people) then change the article as well. I am not good in English because I often write words the wrong way (this is called a spelling mistake). When I write a text other people then change the text. They see that I wrote some words the wrong way and change them. We do not punish people because they make mistakes. It is normal to make mistakes. Everyone makes them.

Someone writes a text on a talk page. Other people can then read this text, and they can then write another text, where they say what they think about the first text. This is called a reply. We have written many texts on your talk page, but you have not written a reply. We want to help you learn English. You do not need to have fear, we do not punish you because you make mistakes. But if you do not write a text to us, we can not help you.

Write a text to us and we will help you learn English. --Eptalon (talk) 09:50, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

Comments[change source]

  • When we are done with this, the text above should be copy-pastable ot the talk page of the respective editor.
  • I have only used present, and present perfect; no simple past, no future.
  • I don't have the BE850 list in my head, I tried to use simple words, I tried to explain.
  • I have generally used do not, can not, etc (instead of don't, can't.
  • I have generally used "text" rather than "article".


  • Simplify as much as possible
  • I do not know the language structure of Urdu (or other Pakistani languages), I have assumed that "present perfect" is easier to understand than "simple past".
  • The idea here is not to get a text that covers all possible aspects, but one that is as easy to understand as possible. (Note: there is a difference in meaning between "I will help", and "I am going to help", similarly "I have helped", and "I helped" do not have the same meaning. This is not about getting these meanings correct, but getting a text that is easy to understand).--Eptalon (talk) 10:05, 1 December 2008 (UTC)