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Rock music
This is the main talk page for WikiProject Rock music, a project to present information on Rock music and related articles.

Joining[change source]

Heya Fell on Black Days. I'm interested in joining, but I dont really see that its all that practical for doing so, I'm not sure where exactly to put my name, since the "edit" link in the members window leads to a deleted page... I'd be happy to join and contribute whatever I could, but until this situation is cleared, the I dont think I'd be able to. Thanks, --·.·´¯`·->Kiamnomch<-·´¯`·.·-- 15:49, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Thanks a lot for that, 'preciate it, and Ill try to contribute whatever I can. (maybe a list of wanted articles would be an idea, like on this) --·.·´¯`·->Kiamnomch<-·´¯`·.·-- 07:49, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

I'll fix that later. --Fell on Black Days (talk) 12:55, 25 September 2008 (UTC)