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The hometown ishibu. Ishibu : Ishibu is one of the vdc among 32 vdc across Terathum district which is located to northern side from myanglung headquarter of Terathum.It has 9 wards & it is very interesting vdc.Its geographical status is hilly side & its area is very wide.Its border in northern side is samdu vdc& to the southern side is simle whereas to the west oyakjung & to the eastern is just river koya khola.The vdc office building has been placed in panchami hilltop.Here in ishibu has two lower secondary, one higher secondary, other are primary schools. The ishibu higher secondary school is located between two ward no 3&4 where every kind of educational is offered equally.The vdc's main cash crop is cardamom which is grown in dam& moisture places of ishibu.So many people of ishibu are educated& hardworking. The young lads have joined the army in native or foreign countries. But for the past few years young guys have been attracted to kiss the foreign jobs to make money & to support the family with financial hardship.Here around the ishibu has already developed with facilities of transportation & electricity & drinking water& education, health& so on.People of ishibu are very much kind & creative. The political parties are key responsible to the development around it.The health service centres are modernly founded here so people don't have to go outside with minor cases.The electricity is a most needed service for us therefore it is also available now.The Hilly road(Madhya Pahadi Marga) has also gone through ishibu.The natural panoramic places of ishibu are highly appreciated well.The highest water fall of Nepal is also located here within this ishibu.The different kind of likely to fall in extinct animals & birds are found in the forest of ishibu.The majority of people is of limbu cast where chhetri comes in 2nd where as priest cast come in 3rd for numbers but there are other casts as well . The societies of ishibu have run many domestic businesses like ginger product which has brought few source of income among societies. People have feeling of mutual supporting systems in society. People are engaged in government & non government agencies . It is very panoramic place for its natural beauty scenery. People keep animal at home for making milky or dairy product & meat product.Buffaloes & cows, goats are main domestic animal of the people in ishibu.The lakesides are famous for cardamon & pees,animal,milking animal like cow, buffalo where as downside nearer river are famous for paddy products& maize product & the middle parts are not so productive lands for any crops.The middle part staying people have to work hard but gain less products.The millet crop is done in middle parts of ishibu including ward no.7, 8,1,3,& 6 which is used to make alcohol & food product.The local alcohalism is made by especially limbu cast as they use it for their wedding& other ceremonies & for sell to others.The alcohol made of local crops is used in most of the limbu's religious programs. As whole ishibu is really a romantic & enjoyable place among other places of Terathum district.All the visitors & tourists are welcomed to visit this place because ishibu residents think the guests & visitors are god like.The visitors can enjoy a lot with natural panoramic place called Hetrung water fall which is located in ishibu which is worthwhile place where foreign& native visitors come to enjoy its beauty.The water fall is 30 minutes far to get there on walking from ishibu higher secondary school. That's about it for now.Written by Mahendra niraula.

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