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August 2014[change source]

I think you might put the brakes on, and get to know our wiki better. You made a lot of changes to Finland, some of which were good, and some were less good. You changed "about" to "approximately", for example. That runs absolutely counter to our mandate and guidelines. Some other changes were essentially neutral, and might have been left alone. WP:Welcome is full of helpful links. Macdonald-ross (talk) 13:20, 27 August 2014 (UTC)

Advice to slow down editing re: Finland edits[change source]

To whoever messaged me regarding this, I apologize. I never intended to correct the substance of the article. In fact, I don't even remember how and why I ended up there, but as I read (and I WILL read just about everything), I quickly became aware of the fact that while it was written in English, the writer was either not fluent in English or was simply a poor writer. I found that the quality of the writing detracted from the subject matter, so I tried to make it more readable, I never intended to change the content of the entry, just how it was presented, and I'm very sorry that I accidentally made that mistake. I'm the kind of person who simply can't stand to see the English language badly used (I'd feel the same about any other languages I spoke and wrote fluently, but there really aren't any, beyond the French I learned in school, and which I can read aloud and sound authentic, but have only a general idea what I'm reading (unless it's related to food, because I cook and bake). So I'm so obsessive about this that I will correct spelling and punctuation errors even in library books. But I never meant to upset or insult anyone, and I've never before attempted editing a page of this magnitude. I usually just correct spelling, punctuation, or other grammatical errors, or sometimes change an adjective or tense that doesn't make sense. Thank you for your advice, and I will do as suggested. (Finland is also a special country to me because my former employer, who has been better to me than my own mother, is descended from there. I knew her mother before she passed, and she always insisted I call her "Grandma", as well as some of her other children and their children too. And because my own grandparents were originally from the Ukraine, arriving via Ellis Island in 1923, that area of the world has always been of interest to me.)