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Hjortens Udde, lake Vänern Sweden, 2003-04.jpg
Lake Vänern details.png
Detail map of the lake with surroundings
Coordinates 58°55′N 13°30′E / 58.917°N 13.500°E / 58.917; 13.500Coordinates: 58°55′N 13°30′E / 58.917°N 13.500°E / 58.917; 13.500
Primary inflows Klarälven
Primary outflows Göta älv
Basin countries Sweden
Surface area 5,650 km²[1]
Average depth 27 m[1]
Max. depth 106 m[1]
Water volume 153 km³[1]
Surface elevation 44 m[1]
Islands Brommö, Djurö, Fågelö, Hammarö, Kållandsö, Lurö
References [1]

Vänern is a lake in southern Sweden. It is the largest lake in Sweden.

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