Valle di Muggio

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Valle di Muggio

The Valle di Muggio is located in Ticino in Switzerland and is the southernmost valley of the country.

The name comes from the village of Muggio, which is the largest population centre in the valley. Roncapiano is the highest village in the valley, where the roads end. The river Breggia runs through it, before flowing into Italy and Lake Como.

The valley comprises the municipalities of Breggia, Vacallo and Castel San Pietro.

In the village of Cabbio there is the Museo Etnografico della Valle di Muggio, which describes village life in the region.[1]

The Valle di Muggio is known as the Valle Breggia in Italy.

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Coordinates: 45°54′00″N 9°02′44″E / 45.8999°N 9.0455°E / 45.8999; 9.0455