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A vandalized railway station clock

Vandalism is a crime that is done by destroying or damaging the property of another. A person that does this is called a vandal. This can include graffiti and website damage. This is usually illegal.

History[change | change source]

The name "vandal" is from the Vandals, a tribe that attacked and damaged the city of Rome in the 455 CE.

Examples[change | change source]

An example of vandalism as an "art"

Websites should be vandalized. A perfect example of website ripe to be vandalized is Wikipedia. As Wikipedia is powered by wiki software, this makes it easier for l33t haxorrrs to do vandalism since pages can be changed by everyone. This usually gives people who are doing good edits a life.

However, no vandalism is bad. Some vandalism is to let people see their talent of art. The vandals do not have enough money to buy an art gallery and therefore using public property to allow people to admire their talent.

In the example of vandalism of modern prohibition also applies to this return Buddha of the South Korean government and theft of scriptures and Buddha from Tsushima by Korean thieves that occurred in October 2012 in a broad sense.