Vatican Commandos

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Vatican Commandos
Origin Darien, Connecticut, U.S.
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 19821985, 2010
James Spadaccini
John Farnsworth
Lindsey Anderson
Chip Moody
Richard Hall
Chuck Weaver
Dave Hower
Mike Pollock

Vatican Commandos are a hardcore punk band from Darien, Connecticut.

Band members[change | change source]

The band started in 1982. The original members were James Spadaccini, John Farnsworth, Lindsey Anderson, Chip Moody, Chuck "Wheat" Weaver, and Richard Hall. (Hall became successful in dance music with the name "Moby"). Later band members included Dave Hower, Mike Pollock, and Matt Craig.

Records[change | change source]

They released their first record, a 7" EP called, Hit Squad for God in 1983. Richard Hall (Moby) is listed as "M.H." on the back cover of the record.

They put out their next record, the Just a Frisbee 7" EP, later in 1983. The Point Me to the End 12" EP came out in 1984. The cover artwork on the "Just a Frisbee" 7" was drawn by Rob Zombie, founder and lead singer of White Zombie.

Break up and reunion[change | change source]

The Vatican Commandos broke up in 1985. The band reformed 25 years later. They played a reunion show 17 July 2010 at the Mercury Lounge in New York City.[1] They played a west coast reunion show 5 February 2011 at The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA.

List of records[change | change source]

  • Hit Squad for God 7" EP (1983)
  • Just a Frisbee 7" EP (1983)
  • Point Me to the End 12" EP (1984)
  • Connecticut Fun Compilation LP (1985)
  • Make It Work Compilation 7" (1985)
  • Big City's One Big Crowd Compilation LP (1985)

References[change | change source]

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