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Veronika Marchenko with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama in 2009.

Veronika Marchenko is a Russian activist. In 2009 she received the International Women of Courage Award. [1]

Work[change | change source]

Marchenko started the “Mother’s Right” Foundation in 1990 to bring attention to the problem of hazing in the Soviet military. The organization helps families of soldiers who die in peacetime, and works against corruption. [2] Many of the deaths are called suicides, so the families have trouble getting money after the death. [3]

In 2007, lawyers from Mother’s Right helped 132 families go to court for survivor's benefits. They also helped 5,323 families of men who died. [4]

The organization now helps 5000 people a year. They helped a total of 80,000 people. [5]

Other websites[change | change source]

Mother's Right Foundation (English)

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