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ViVA Trio
GenresClassical crossover
LabelsThe ILS Group
MembersAnna Bateman
Erin Fisher
Katya Tchoubar

ViVA Trio is a Canadian all-female musical trio based in Toronto, Canada.[1][2][3] It is comprised of three sopranos Anna Bateman, Erin Fisher and Katya Tchoubar.[4] Most of the popular music by ViVA Trio was inspired by pop artists including Il Divo, Adele and Evanescence.[1] ViVA Trio was nominated Emerging Artist of the Year award by InFAME Music Awards in 2017.[5]

Career[change | change source]

Members of ViVA Opera Trio studied music at The Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto, and University of British Columbia.[6] Viva Trio has performed at several venues and festivals such as the The Imperial Theatre, New York’s Chautauqua Festival, Palais Royale in Toronto and Pantages Theater.[7][8][9] The group toured in Poland for an orchestra concert for the Filharmonia Dolnośląska.[10]

In October 2017, they released their debut album Nothing Else Matters, which featured live orchestra.[11][12] In January 2018, Viva Trio performed a cover of John Lennon’s Imagine on the Canadian TV series The Morning Show.[13]

Discography[change | change source]

Albums[change | change source]

Year Album Peak positions Track listing
Canadian Albums Chart
Nothing Else Matters
  1. "Bird Set Free - SIA " (4:46)
  2. "Nothing Else Matters" (4:36)
  3. "What A Wonderful World" (3:16)
  4. "Here To Stay" (4:02)
  5. "Wicked Game" (4:10)
  6. "Hallelujah" (4:38)
  7. "Ordinary World" (4:35)
  8. "My Immortal" (4:28)
  9. "Imagine" (4:27)
  10. "Voices Are Calling" (3:39)
  11. "Space Between" (3:48)

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