Vice President of Brazil

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Vice President of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Vice Presidente da República Federativa do Brasil
Vice Presidential Standard
Geraldo Alckmin

since 1 January 2023
Federal government of Brazil
StyleMr. Vice President
His Excellency
Status2nd highest in executive branch
Member ofCabinet
National Defense Council
ResidencePalácio do Jaburu
NominatorPresident of Brazil, Political party
AppointerNational Congress of Brazil
Term lengthFour years, renewable once
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Brazil
Inaugural holderMarshal Floriano Peixoto
FormationFebruary 26, 1891
WebsiteVice Presidency

Template:Politics of Brazil The Vice President of Brazil (Portuguese: Vice-presidente do Brasil), officially the Vice President of the Federative Republic of Brazil (Vice Presidente da República Federativa do Brasil) is the second-highest government official in the executive branch of the government of Brazil.

Roles[change | change source]

The Vice President's main job is to replace the president on the event of their death, resignation, or impeachment, and to temporarily take over the presidential powers and duties while the President is abroad, or unable to carry out his or her duties.

The Vice President is elected with the president as his or her running mate.

Living former Vice Presidents[change | change source]

There are two living former vice presidents. The most recent former president to die was Marco Maciel (1995–2002) on June 12, 2021.

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