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Børge Rosenbaum (3 January 1909 – 23 December 2000),[1] known professionally as Victor Borge (/ˈbɔːrɡə/ BOR-gə), was a Danish-American comedian, conductor, and pianist. He was known for his radio and television works in the United States and Europe.[2]

Borge was known as "The Clown Prince of Denmark".[3] His best known work was in Comedy in Music, which became the longest running one-man show in the history of theater with 849 performances, a feat which placed it in the Guinness Book of World Records.[4] He was born in Copenhagen.

In 1999, he received the Kennedy Center Honors.

Borge died on 23 December 2000 in his sleep in Greenwich, Connecticut following a concert, aged 91.[5]

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