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Victor Atanasie Stănculescu (May 10, 1928 – June 19, 2016) was a Romanian general, political, political activist and convicted murderer. He was had an important role in the overthrow of the dictatorship by refusing to carry out the orders of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu during the Romanian Revolution of 1989. He was a defense minister on 25 December 1989, when he organized the trial and execution of Nicolae Ceauşescu and Elena Ceauşescu.[1]

Stănculescu was born in Tecuci, Romania. He died in Ghermănești, Ilfov on June 19, 2016, aged 88.

In 2008, Stănculescu were found guilty of aggravated manslaughter by the Supreme Court for the shooting deaths of pro-democracy protesters in Timişoara.[2] He was sentenced to fifteen years in jail, but was freed in 2014.[3]

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