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Victoria Mary Talbot, born in 1931, is an Australian painter and illustrator. She started her career in Melbourne in 1958. She moved to London where she worked for the well-recognized solo-exhibitionist Arthur Jeffress' Gallery in 1961. This period were successful and became her great breakthrough. During this period, she also finished the portraits of The Duke of Bedford, Lady Astor and Princess Ujrvala Bistraw Shah. In 1962 she had her first solo exhibition in Paris. Several Exhibitions in Australia, which was completed in 1964. The travel desire brought her to Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan and America. After completing her exhibition in Los Angeles in 1965, she returned to London where she commissioned painting the Maharaja by Ciich-Behar. Her colourful and interesting life is reflected in her imaginative images, varied expressions from the observant and quality-conscious eye of an international connoisseur. Victoria Mary Talbot moved to Norway in November 1965, fell in love with the country and the tranquility. It has been numerous separate and collective exhibitions throughout much of the world.

1957    Melbourne       Australian Galleries

1957    Sydney            Terry-Clune Gallery

1961    London            Arthur Jeffress Gallery

1962    Paris                Jean Giraudoux Galerie

1963    Melbourne       South Yarra Gallery

1964    London            The Trafford Gallery

1964    London            The Trafford Gallery

1967    Paris                La Galerie Mouffe

1969    London            The Trafford Gallery

1971    Asker               Galleri Pan

1973    Melbourne       South Yarra Gallery

1976    Oslo                 Galleri Galtung

1979    Oslo                 Galleri Galtung

1982    Oslo                 Galleri Galtung

1986    Elverum           Glomdalsmuseet

1988    Melbourne       Westpac Victorian

Arts Centre Trust

1989    Sydney            Casey Galleries

1992    Oslo                 Galleri Galtung

1996    Shawnee         Oklahoma Mabee & Gerrer

Museum of Art – USA

1998    Roma               Galleria Lazzari

1999    Mantova          Galleria Accademia, Italia

2005    Oslo                 Interiør-Galleriet

2011    Oslo                 Interiør-Galleriet


National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Australian Mission, København

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