Vidin Province

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Coordinates: 43°48′N 22°41′E / 43.800°N 22.683°E / 43.800; 22.683

Vidin Province
Област Видин
Location of Vidin Province in Bulgaria
Location of Vidin Province in Bulgaria
 • Total3,032.9 km2 (1,171.0 sq mi)
 (2011 [1][2][3])
 • Total101,018
 • Density33/km2 (86/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
License plateBH

Vidin Province is a province in Bulgaria. The capital city is also named Vidin.

The Danube forms the border with Romania. Magura Cave, with its cave painting from 10,000 BC, is in the province.

Municipalities[change | change source]

The Vidin Province has 11 municipalities. The following table shows the names of each municipality, the main town (in bold) or village, and the population of each as of December 2009.

Municipality Pop.[1][2][3] Town/Village Pop.[2][4][5][6]
Belogradchik 7,045 Belogradchik 5,334
Boynitsa 1,717 Boynitsa 595
Bregovo 6,168 Bregovo 2,592
Vidin 66,126 Vidin 49,471
Gramada 2,384 Gramada 1,647
Dimovo 7,175 Dimovo 1,211
Kula 4,958 Kula 3,287
Makresh 1,938 Makresh 473
Novo Selo 3,381 Novo Selo 1,144
Ruzhintsi 4,890 Ruzhintsi 915
Chuprene 2,285 Chuprene 576

References[change | change source]