Vimaladharmasuriya I

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Vimaladharmasuriya I
King of Kandy
Reign 1590–1604
Titles Konappu Bandara
Don Jhon Appuhamy
Don Joan of Austria
Born ?
Birthplace Sri Lanka
Died 1604
Place of death Sri Lanka
Buried Sri Lanka
Predecessor Rajasimha I
Successor Senarat
Consort to Kusmasana Devi (Dona Catherina)
Children Prince mahastenne (Died 1612)
Suriya Devi (Died 1617)
Sama Devi
Royal House House of Dinajara
Father Vijayasundara Bandara

Vimaladharmasuriya I, also known as Konappu Bandara, Dom Joan of Austria or Don Jhon Appuhamy, was a king of Sri Lanka. He ruled the country from 1590 to 1604. He was a late 16th-century to early 17th-century King of the Kandyan Kingdom, which was located in the central hills of the island of Sri Lanka. He successfully defeated the Portuguese in two major battles: in 1594, the battle of Danture and in 1602 the Battle of Balana.