Viqueque Municipality

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Coordinates: 8°51′N 126°22′E / 8.850°N 126.367°E / 8.850; 126.367
Viqueque Municipality (Vikeke)
Rice fields in Viqueque, East Timor
Rice fields in Viqueque
Flag of Viqueque.svg
Country  East Timor
Subdistricts Lacluta, Ossu, Uato-Lari, Uato Carabau, Viqueque
Capital Viqueque
 - coordinates 8°51′N 126°22′E / 8.850°N 126.367°E / 8.850; 126.367
Area 1,873 km² (723 sq mi) [1]
Population 76,033 (2015) [2]
Density 41 /km² (106 /sq mi)
Timezone Time in East Timor (UTC+9)
ISO 3166-2 TL-VI
Location of Viqueque municipality
Location of Viqueque municipality

Viqueque (Tetum: Vikeke) is the largest of the municipalities of East Timor. The name comes from the ancient name "We Keke"; We means "water" and Keke "bracelet".[3]

Geography[change | change source]

Administrative posts and sucos of the Viqueque district
Cities and rivers of Viqueque municipality (Borders between 2003 and 2015)

Viqueque is on the south coast of Timor, on the Timor Sea. It has an area of 1,880.39 km2 (726.02 sq mi).[1]

It borders the municipalities Baucau to the north, Lautém to the east, and Manatuto to the west.

The capital of the municipality has the same name: Viqueque.

There are five administrative posts: Lacluta, Ossu, Uato-Lari (which was known in Portuguese Timor as Leça, and, in Tetum, is spelled Watulari), Uato Carabau (spelled Watucarbau in Tetum), and Viqueque.

Among the rivers that flow through Viqueque and into the Timor Sea are: Nunuc, Tuco, Cuha, Bularan, Benaro, Beaco and Weburak in the administrative post Viqueque; Lugassa on the border with Uato -Lari; Saqueto, Bebui, Borouai and Oiqui in the Uato-Lari administrative post; and Molaiuai and Uaidori in the Uatucarbau administrative post.

The Ossu administrative post is surrounded by several mountains: Monte Mundo Perdido in the west, the Builo in the south, the Matebian massif to the east and Fatu Laritame in the north. In Monte Mundo Perdido, 16,100 hectares (40,000 acres) are protected for hunting and for the protection of birds as Important Bird Area. Here, there are many endemic species, including many rare orchids.[4]

Population[change | change source]

The municipality of Viqueque had a population of 73,581 in 2011.[5] Its density is 39.1 inhabitants per km².

Viqueque is a homeland of the Malayo-Polynesian language Tetum. In East Timor it is co-official with Portuguese. In the east part of the municipality live speakers of the Papuan language Makasae.

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