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A person wearing a virtual reality headset

Virtual reality (often just called VR) is the name for computer technology that makes a person feel like they are somewhere else. It uses software to produce images, sounds and other sensations to create a different place, so that a user feels like he or she is really a part of this other place. That other place can be a real place (to take a tour in another country, for instance) or imaginary (playing a game).

Virtual reality is a computer technology that generates a simulated environment for users to experience. Current VR technology is implemented through VR headset, which looks like a pair of goggles wrap around user’s head and cover their eyes. It generates realistic images and sounds through tracking the movements of user’s head using accelerometer and gyroscope in the headset to create the virtual reality experience that user can interact with.

The technology of VR started with the air force, which used this technology as a training program for new pilots who can experience the feeling of flying planes, including shooting and ejecting, without risking the million dollars planes being crashed. It is a much cheaper and accessible method to train the new pilots.

The technology to do this needs special display screens or projectors and other devices. Often the picture will change when the user moves their head, they may be able to "walk" through this virtual space, and to see things in that space from different directions, and maybe move things in that space. Haptic feedback might also be used to help make it seem more real - haptic feedback uses special gloves that make it feel like you touched something in real life.

Virtual reality is different from augmented reality, which shows the real place that a person is in, but changes or adds to it. Pokémon Go is an example of augmented reality.

Types of Virtual Reality

VR Walkthroughs

VR Walkthroughs give an immerse tour of a space using VR oculus or headsets. VR Walkthroughs makes a person feel like they are actually inside the space in person. It is perfect for sharing future plans and ideas, for marketing an experience or even taking individuals virtually to any environment.

VR 360 Photos

VR 360 Photos allow users to view places with a bird's eye view. VR 360 Photos creates a complete panoramic scene as a single image about 360 degree circle or spherical view.

VR 360 Videos

VR 360 video allow a user to play around with the visual enabling the viewer to consume video in any angle. It gives a wholesome experience in terms of understanding how and what happened in the story.

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