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Coordinates: 58°03′N 14°20′E / 58.050°N 14.333°E / 58.050; 14.333
Country Sweden
County Jönköping
Location Vättern
 - coordinates 58°03′N 14°20′E / 58.050°N 14.333°E / 58.050; 14.333
Area 25.04 km² (10 sq mi) [1]
Visingsö in lake Vättern
Visingsö in lake Vättern
Näs castle ruins

Visingsö is an island in the lake of Vättern in Sweden. Since 1971, it is a part of Jönköping Municipality, after having been an own municipality until that year. The island is connected to the mainland with ferryboats.

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