Vladimir Malaniuk

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Malaniuk in 2006

Vladimir Pavlovich Malaniuk (Malanyuk) (Ukraine: Володимир Павлович Маланюк; July 21, 1956 – July 2, 2017) was a Ukrainian chess Grandmaster. He was born in Arkhangelsk, Soviet Union. Thought by many to be one of the more colourful characters on the chess circuit, he was known for rapid chess, which was showed at some of the world's most well known 'speed chess' tournaments.[1]

In 2005, he finished second at the Tallinn (Keres Memorial) rapid event, behind Alexey Shirov but ahead of such luminaries as Anatoly Karpov and Boris Gelfand.

Malaniuk died of kidney cancer in Amsterdam on July 2, 2017 at the age of 60.

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