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Skyline of Vrbanjci
Vrbanjci is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates: 44°35′15″N 17°25′55″E / 44.58750°N 17.43194°E / 44.58750; 17.43194Coordinates: 44°35′15″N 17°25′55″E / 44.58750°N 17.43194°E / 44.58750; 17.43194
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
EntityRepublika Srpska
RegionBanja Luka
MunicipalityKotor Varoš

Vrbànjci is a village in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Municipality of Kotor Varoš (Republika Srpska)

Geography[change | change source]

Vrbanjci spread along the Vrbanja river (for which it is named), between its tributaries Jezerka, Bosanka, and Cvrcka.[1][2][3]

History[change | change source]

The history of this area commemorates the battle on The Field of Večići, on the Vrbanja river, where was the clash between the Ottomans army and repressed pro Bosnian forces, from almost the entire State of Bosnia. According to the historical context, it probably happened around 1463, when Bosnia fell under Ottoman Administration.

During the last War in Bosnia (1992–1995), Serb paramilitary and police forces have committed severe crimes against the civilian Bosnisk's and Croats populations in Vrbanjaca and surrounding villages, including Večići[4][5][6]

Most of the refugies Bosniak population are back in their native lands and have restored their houses, with the assistance of the international community, but above all thanks to their own resources.

Population[change | change source]

Census year 1991 1981 1971
Bosniaks 1.468 (49.34%) 487 (29.89%) 514 (31.07%)
Croats 799 (26.85%) 689 (42.29%) 651 (39.35%)
Serbs 658 (22.11%) 373 (22.89%) 473 (28.59%)
Yugoslavians 41 (1.37%) 79 (4.84%) 13 (0.78%)
Others and Unknown 9 (0.30%) 1 (0.06%) 3 (0.18%)
Total 2,975 1,629 1,654

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