Vu Quang National Park

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Vu Quang National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
LocationBac Trung Bo
Nearest cityHà Tĩnh
Coordinates18°17′30″N 105°24′30″E / 18.29167°N 105.40833°E / 18.29167; 105.40833Coordinates: 18°17′30″N 105°24′30″E / 18.29167°N 105.40833°E / 18.29167; 105.40833
Area550.289 km2 (212.468 sq mi)
Governing bodyPeople's Committee of Hà Tĩnh province

Vu Quang National Park is a national park in Ha Tinh Province, Bac Trung Bo, Vietnam. Saola and Muntiacus vuquangensis are a species found in this park. Vu Quang National park has a high mountainous topography, which is separated from the surrounding. It has a tropical climate that is a good condition for the growth of animals and plants. This is a precinct virgin forest that is remained in Vietnam and is a value ecology for economy, scientific and landscape.