Władysław I Herman

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Władysław I Herman
Duke of Poland
Jan Matejko, Władysław I Herman.jpg
Portrait by Jan Matejko
Reign 1079–1102
Born c. 1044
Birthplace Poland
Died June 4, 1102 aged 58
Place of death Płock, Poland
Buried Masovian Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral, Płock, Poland
Predecessor Bolesław II the Bold
Successor Bolesław III Wrymouth
Wives Przecława (Prawdzic?)
Judith of Bohemia
Judith of Swabia
Children With Przecława:

With Judith of Bohemia:
Bolesław III Wrymouth

With Judith of Swabia:
Sophia, Princess of Vladimir-Volynia
Agnes, Abbess of Gandersheim and Quedlinburg
Adelaide, Countess of Vohburg
A daughter, Polish Lady
Royal House Piast
Father Casimir I the Restorer
Mother Maria Dobroniega of Kiev

Władysław I Herman (b. ca. 1044 - d. 4 June 1102), was a Duke of Poland from 1079 until his death.

He was the second son of Casimir I the Restorer by his wife Maria Dobroniega, daughter of Vladimir the Great, Grand Duke of Kiev.

Władysław I Herman
Piast Dynasty
Born: c. 1044 Died: 4 June 1102
Preceded by
Bolesław II the Bold
Duke of Poland
Succeeded by
Zbigniew and
Bolesław III Wrymouth