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Walking with Dinosaurs

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Walking with Dinosaurs is a 1999 nature documentary series produced by the BBC. It shows how Dinosaurs lived. The first episode, "New Blood", follows a Coelophysis trying to survive the dry season. The next, "Time of the Titans", shows a baby Diplodocus growing up. The third, "A Cruel Sea", follows a flock of Rhamphorynchus trying to avoid deadly storms. The fourth, "King of the Skies", follows a sick male Ornithocheirus migrating to Spain. The fifth, "Spirits of the Frozen Forest", follows a baby Leaellynasaura avoiding a hungry Koolasuchus (a 4-meter salamander). The last one, "Last of the Dino Dynasty", follows a female Tyrannosaurus who has already to mated and needs to take care of her babies in a world that is about to end as the Kt extinction nears by day in an already struggling volcanic world. There is also a 2013 film with the same name, a sequel called "Walking with Beasts" and a prequel called "Walking with Monsters".