Wallace Fard Muhammad

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Wallace Fard Muhammad
Leader of the Nation of Islam
In office
Succeeded byElijah Muhammad
Personal details
BornFebruary 26, 1877 [a]
^ a. Birth dates attributed to Fard include 1877, 1891, and 1893; the Nation of Islam celebrates February 26, 1877.

Wallace D. Fard aka Wallace Fard Muhammad /fə.ˈrɑːd/ (born February 26, 1877[2]) was a co-founder of the Nation of Islam. He appeared in Detroit in 1930 and had an obscure background and used several aliases. He taught a unique form of religion which was based on Islam to members of the city's African-American population. He was also a seller of silk, incense, and perfume and was remembered as being a light skinned black man, a light skinned Arab, and a white man. Fard was last seen in 1933 by Elijah Muhammad, when Fard took off in an airplane from the Detroit airport.[3]

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